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  • Air Quality

    In view of the rapid development of the city, the increasing number of motor vehicles and industrial activities, the Jeddah Municipality has commissioned our firm to conduct a preliminary ambient air quality study for Jeddah.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Program -

    The project is for the management and operation of all exploration operations mosquito carrier of the disease inside and outside the homes of reviving the province Jeddah and control and key performance indicators (KPI).

  • Water Quality

    Our objectives were to verify that the Jeddah coastal & lagoon water is suitable for recreational use, to identify incidences of pollution inputs, to assess compliance to statutory requirements and to assess the effectiveness of environmental management strategies.

  • Food Surveillance and
    Health Control

Latest News

Environmental impacts assessment for closure of Schlumberger Oil Field Services project in AL khobar –EL Rakkah.

A Consultation Study For the environmental impact of Al Meaisem MSW landfill on the Groundwater of Wadi Ibrahim (Makkah).

SAES | Saudi Asma Environmental Solutions


Saudi ASMA Environmental Solutions LLC (SAES)

is a Malaysian company, specializing in environmental fields (Planning, Engineering, Consultancy, Equipment supply, monitoring, solutions, and waste management), pest control and project operation and maintenance for the public and private sector.

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